Interview with Mr Vishal Kapoor, Indigo Vision (Country Head – Sales)

Vishal Kapoor

How did you come to know of VELAN IT?

I moved to India in 2009 and joined IndigoVision as a Regional Manager. By then, we had already completed Delhi Airport T3 and a host of other Oil & Gas projects across India. I was tasked to grow IndigoVision and penetrate other markets as well. Good System Integrators were a rarity at that time – either they were behemoths who got into the CCTV SI business because it was a value add to everything else they did or they were run-of-the-mill ‘mom and pop’ shops who couldn’t complete a project.

I was introduced to Mr.Sriram through one of my Account Managers. What truly impressed me with Velan IT at that point was the culture I saw in their office. They were all humble, honest, customer-focused, hardworking, eager to learn and dedicated to their roles. I remember they were one of my few Indian partners who purchased the demo kit (one of our not so famous policies) without hesitation because they believed that investing in learning the product was critical for them to grow.

Velan became an Authorized Partner of IndigoVision around 2010. Every project they did thereafter has been one of our crown jewels.

What has been your experience with VELAN IT?

Velan has become a benchmark for what IndigoVision expects in its Authorized Partners in India. With the projects they have done with IndigoVision, they have always made sure the customer is satisfied and happy even if it costs them extra, the supplier is paid on time and they are always available for support. I have yet to have a single instance where we had an issue in the last 7 years. They follow procedure and policies extremely well and ensure every stakeholder is constantly updated – a key to growing a business.

When and how you came to know of the company?

Due to IndigoVision being involved in some difficult large projects over the last 2-3 years, we did not invest too much time in projects in the South. I would usually only be contacted by SI’s or Customers if there were issues to resolve and not hearing from Velan meant things were as usual OK.

I got in touch with Velan again after a year when I needed help in a project. One of my customers was behaving extremely difficult and I needed someone who could resolve the issues while ensuring customer satisfaction. Obviously Sriram was my go-to person.

I was amazed. Velan had grown steadily as a company, increased their customer base, were representing many more products but the main thing I noticed was their culture was intact. I was pleased to see them doing so well, expanding, while keeping their values intact.

How do you see VELAN IT in the years to come?

If the base of a company is solid then the probability to succeed in today’s challenging environment is high. Velan IT has all the qualities of a world class Systems Integrator which is required to set it apart from the existing SI’s in India today. Keeping their culture, vision and dedication intact – Velan IT will do really well in the SI business in India.

Organisational strength of VELAN IT to meet customer commitment

The biggest strength of Velan is its integrity. They are one of the few companies who are happy to refuse an order if they do not believe they can give it 100%. I have worked with all their engineers at some point and each one of them strongly believes in customer satisfaction. It has become relatively easy to get projects in India by quoting less then recovering ones margin by either supplying sub-standard products or below par service. I strongly believe Velan will never follow this path. I can vouch for the fact that any project given to them will be successful because they will walk the extra mile to ensure the customer is always happy.

What you have come to know from others about VELAN IT

I’ve always heard good things about the company. I do take feedback from my customers and they have always been satisfied.

Your association, past, present and future

I’ve been associated with Velan IT as a IndigoVision partner and now as a customer. The service level has been optimum at best always. I am certain they will do well in the coming years.

Any specific thing you would like to mention about us

I believe in a simple mantra – “Stick to the basics. Learn the product well. Always service the customer. Don’t run behind orders – they will come to you” We have a huge demand for good partners and System Integrators and Velan IT  is poised at the tip of curve today. Keep your head down, work hard and grow.

I wish Velan all the success in the coming years and I’m always happy to hear about their achievements. All the best to them.

One year at VELAN IT Solutions, A Happy Work Life – Anant Jain


A Big Thank You to everyone who has wished me a happy work anniversary. One year at VELAN IT Solutions. Wow!!

I choose to join Velan IT Group marketing team as a challenging opportunity. My decision to join Velan IT was primarily based on how lovely the work Environment was.

We were a young company then and it gave me an opportunity to learn about the Corporate Security Solutions and also Enterprise Security Solutions. I can honestly say that joining VELAN IT was one of the best decisions of my life. I love my Boss, he is not just a boss, he is a mentor and a well-wisher to all of us and the Back-bone of the company. I love my team and we have gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the India’s leading Systems Integration Company based out of Bangalore, India.

I adore working with my M.D., the H.R. Operations Manager & my all collogues.

In 2016 I had my busiest year ever. I am on target to surpass that this year.

Yes, It is July 25th, Last year this day I decided to join this Organization as the Marketing Manager in this company. The day I started a new role in a new city (Bangalore) my experiences working in Marketing, Creating a Brand Image redefined me into challenging role which I successfully tried to live up-to.

That was just a try and I never thought that I will be a Marketing Specialist, coming from an event management background. But sitting on my couch with a laptop and browsing through web searching for what next and thinking of adding value to my profession and my career opened me up to the idea that writing this Blog will mean so much to me.

Throughout this first year of my role, understanding the company’s process was difficult however with all the support I had with all the members the guidance and the working environment made me feel comfortable and get acquainted with the things that kept me alive on this & in my passion for marketing and eagerness to learn more and more and know what is happening in the Marketing realm. The experiences and knowledge that I gained from interacting with the work-force has given me the strength to say things from their perspective.  Of course this is an ongoing learning process that keeps me engaged all the time and helps me be up to date about changes and latest trends in the corporate world.

At the end I would like to thank all my Seniors for the support and rest all my colleagues for sticking with me and trusting me regarding my creative achievements.

A few achievements I got in this Company are : 1st edition of Corporate Security Conclave, 2016 (CSC-16)( and the companies Brand Story Video which can be found at