Smart Building Systems from VELAN

An inhabitable structure that has automated systems and processes that control its climatic conditions including air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, heating, security and access controls is considered to be a smart building. Smart buildings have a centralized command and control unit along with peripheral control units that control low-security actions like climatic and light control in the immediate surrounding. All of this is accomplished by an integrated system of actuators, specialized microchips and a system that collects data, communicates and take action in real time.  Smart buildings are designed to improve asset reliability, increase facility throughput, reduce energy usage and energy bills while optimizing the use of space and dramatically reducing its carbon foot-print and its impact over the environment.
Smart buildings are not a passing fad, they are a growing trend in our increasingly connected world. If anything most inhabitable spaces of our modern world will essentially be a smart space or a smart building to some degree and will continue to grow in this direction. At a basic level, smart buildings make its occupants safer, improve air quality and sanitation, improve lighting and do a lot more. All of which will be done at an energy and economic efficiency that surpasses most of the traditional spaces of today that are not connected smart buildings.
Designing a Smart Building
The design of the smart building can start even before the foundation is laid for the new facility whether it is a residence or a commercial space. The factors that need to be taken into consideration are what level of connectivity and operations need to be achieved with respect to factors like Security, Lighting, Ventilation and Climate Control, Energy Usage, Access Control and monitoring; all of which makes a building inherently ‘smart’ and connected. Some other factors that are also considered are its energy efficiency, carbon footprint and use of recycling withing the premises. A smart building is not a feature any more than a smart phone is a standard now. It is the norm in personal connectivity. In the same way, smart buildings will be the norm. This ideology has paved the way for some integrated systems and practices that make smart buildings possible. 
While designing a smart building it is important to bring together all the integrators and service providers under one facility design & management protocol that will set the standards of the space and the nature of its operation. It should also be noted that the design parameters and specifications of a smart building needs to be considered at all stages of its development and in areas ranging from planning to architecture, to interior design to electrical planning and wiring. 
Velan offers an integrated approach to Smart Building design and implementation and you can engage us to design a Smart Building/Space from scratch or convert an existing non-connected building into a smart and connected one. Our approach is to build and transfer technology and expertise to you so your team can handle the operations of your smart space while we continue supporting you for technology and services. 
The Advantage and the ROI
Smart buildings offer a greater degree of control and utilization of the space while improving human centered aspects like climate control, lighting and ventilation. The ROI of a smart building is long term and the pay-off is gradual but significant. Apart from the obvious improvement in the utility of the space itself, Smart Buildings have a substantial improvement in their energy footprint, environmental factors and even psychological factors like safety and security. 
Velan’s programmable prediction model we use to design smart spaces will give you a projection of the energy savings, improved utility factors and show you how all of this contributes to better standards of living and working. We have developed practices that help us asses the feasibility, outcome and degree of desirable outcome even before the work can begin. 
We’re presently developing technology, practices and partnerships that help us improve our offering and quality of services in the development and management of Smart Buildings for our clients.
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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Corporate Security


Today’s AI based systems are getting sophisticated at pattern recognition and neural-network based learning at an alarming rate. Even though most of the commercial applications of these development may be at their infancy, their potency in the security industry cannot be ruled out. The latest advancements include AI systems that are not only capable of predictive intelligence, but that which are capable of forming strategies autonomously or semi-autonomously while letting the security personnel and command centers have the level of involvement in decision making as legally required.

One of the areas that are showing promising results is in real-world threat assessment not only through pattern recognition but also through models that are used in training these machine learning algorithms. We are quite certain that, with the coming of the service like IBM’s Watson on the cloud, sufficient AI capabilities can be built into applications that can be built for specific challenges in the industry or cater to specific requirements of a niche application space; paving the way for rapid deployment of customized security solutions.

There is a need for greater synergy between the state and the private enterprises that cater to the security of public and private spaces to outline the ethical code of conduct of collecting, organizing and profiling individual user information, even if the objective is to improve security and minimize threats in today’s world. One of the areas that needs critical attention is in forming laws that govern and regulate the safe deployment of systems dealing with massive amounts of user information. There will always be a trade-off between privacy and security, but the interests of all stakeholders, the public, the state and the private enterprises should all be catered to without stepping on the foot of any of them.


User Identification has been a norm for entry requirement in most private facilities and it will continue to be so. However, in public facilities and spaces, user identification can become a lot more trickier since there is a need to draw the line between monitoring the movement of individuals while maintaining a degree of privacy and personal safety. For this reason, any system that gathers real-time user information has a responsibility to keep such data protected at all time from malicious entities or groups.

Facial Recognition and systems that embed facial recognition have taken-off in the last decade and will continue to be the case.  New systems and algorithms are constantly being developed and tested by government and private agencies to improve the facial recognition capacities of today’s systems, Rest assured, these will find their way into security systems. In fact, many of them have sophisticated facial recognition software running on some of the higher-end cameras and access control systems already. We believe, the facial recognition is going to be an integral part of corporate security in the years ahead.

Disaster preparedness and preemptive action is something most state organizations seem to be keen on regardless of the fact the monitoring and and mapping public behavior comes closely to invasion of privacy of the individual. This is relevant not only in the world of Corporate facilities or public spaces, but also in the digital world. Several organizations and systems such as AIDR Artificial  Intelligence for Digital Response and big-name government agencies; are all developing systems that not only reduce the time to respond to emergencies, but make it possible to watch behavior or group patterns thereof that are indicative of emergencies that may require immediate security and medical response.

All of this brings us to the need for developing centralized systems with government oversight that not only gathers vast quantities of data used for corporate security but also open up secure APIs that can be used by verified organizations to map and study this data in real-time to make instantaneous response possible thereby making the lives of millions of people safer in every city around the world.

At VELAN IT, we embrace the coming of AI based systems in corporate security and we prepare for a fast approaching future while our capabilities area augmented by AI and Machine Leaning, the benefits of which we look to pass onto out clients and the world at large.

Work Culture at VELAN – Magesh Kumar


Culture sets the tone for Action
We believe that culture should encompass you and enable you. It is part of your every-day work-life and is a powerful element that shapes the way you perceive your, relationships and your career itself. It is not something you can see, but something you experience. Without going further into defitnitions, I’d like to say that I feel happy and positive when I am working at VELAN and I believe my colleagues feel the same. The work satisfies my creative needs and gives me a systematized work routine that I have internalized. I’m positive that it is a workplace where I can see myself learning and growing as a person and in my career. I believe that all of this is greatly influenced by the company’s culture and our way of life. The work environment is set up to be informal, and there is no apparent hierarchy between managers and their subordinates. We follow a flat reporting structure within departments.

Respecting others, respecting self
This particular point isn’t so much a difference, but an observation. The employees at VELAN seem to have a lot of respect for one another and seem to be inherently disciplined. Something that goes a long way to build strong teams and therefore, a great organization.I’m happy seeing how people interact with each other in a dignified and relaxed manner. I got lucky because I got to meet people with personalities and mindsets similar to mine, open, warm, friendly, and not cold and competitive; the way some people in corporate work environments seem to be. The Brainstorming sessions at VELAN are always enjoyable and engaging. I love how people took time to prepare before any meeting and made solid contributions by putting forth their innovative ideas and suggestions. I also witnessed how sharing the agenda of each meeting beforehand enables everyone to understand the concepts and subject to be addressed, making them more likely to contribute ideas that can executed. An inspirational thing was seeing how senior leaders took time out to interact with people, even by just writing to them, to keep the connection going and growing. Very often the conference call is taken with the concerned team members to ensure they have understood things clearly to move ahead and make necessary plans for all work at hand.

Work-life ratio is overrated
As with most things in life, the higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the longer your hours are going to be; there’s no escaping this fact and this is usually the case. Almost all the corporate leaders I know take work home and log back in later. As a leader, everyone wants a piece of you, there will be people walking into your office and you will have to make time for them, momentarily pausing the work on your emails and other tasks at hand. In my perspective, a Work-life balance is a myth; you have to decide your own work-life ratio, based on your priorities and objectives. And that ratio will rarely ever be equal or same for everyone. Velan allows you to figure out your priorities without loosing out on things that matter to you.

In my opinion, witnessing a new culture and seeing how people work was a major eye-opener. That said,  I’m also grateful for some of the softer aspects I picked up while interacting with the amazing team members I met here. Great people says that when you mentor or guide someone, It is worth asking yourself where that person has ended up today. That’s usually a great measure of how successful your efforts have been.

Rethinking Hierarchy
As it stands today, there is strong vertical power structure in organizations in India. It is fully acceptable for a strong hierarchy to occur in most organizations. They have high need of structuring relationships, with an aim to attach a set of responsibilities and expectations to a certain person in a senior position. Typically, the manager is responsible for taking care of his or her employees, and in return, the subordinates will be expected to show great loyalty without any questioning; while allowing to retain the chain of command and progressing the overall agenda. Velan offers an alternative to this by enabling flat communicton while retaining vertical organizational hierarchy. Something that works well for us.

Decision-Making and Time Perception
Usually, a very long decision making processes should be expected when it comes to working in a top-down structure. I like the way we take decisions and move on with the work. This give us the edge to move fast and close the things quicker and efficiently. Employees are also encouraged to take decisions at their levels of authorization to prevent redundancy and to save time where it needs the most.While punctuality is highly regarded, we regard preparedness more valuable than being strictly on time. However, we also take this aspect of our culture into account when setting deadlines for a project and deliverable so all expectations can be met as required.To enable fast decision making, we have made VELAN IT a friendly environment where we can meet anybody at any time during the day. Also you can reach them on the phone depending on the priorities and needs. It makes us feel more like a family to work with. At the end, there is a management team that is ready to listen to our issues and problems and sort things out.



Work-wear, the coat of arms.
The professional Indian dress-code is relatively casual. Men wear trousers and collared shirts to work while women wear anything that is professional. One of my most vital takeaways from watching VELAN’s  senior management was seeing them encourage everyone be a specialist at what they do. As  an organization tastes success, you must invest in the right people and empower them to do their best. Most often, seniour management can be seen wearing the company issued uniforms to encourage employees.

Processes makes everything possible
Here at VELAN, the effective work-culture is process-oriented and we all work together in achieving our common goals. The Processes are meant to make our lives easier, and ensure error-free and quick execution of all tasks. In the event a process fails, the team is trained and willing to do what is logically correct for the situation. Having said that, we need to move away from people-centric process to process-centric execution. I see a lot of eager minds educating and developing themselves to improve their work and their role in the company. This makes me quite happy. In all, I have only great things to say about our work-culture. There is always room for improvement in any area and we will continue to strive to improve. I wish that our teams persist in all their ambitions.


Robots in Security

VELAN IT, a well-known corporate in the security industry, has always been looking for innovations which would result in value addition to the clients in addition to cost savings.Very recently we have found that the future of security patrol at large would be ROBOTS. Let us look at the benefits of this.


Robots are capable of patrolling difficult encampments which the normal security guards cannot do as the Robots can easily move around difficult terrain and they have been designed to meet this expectation.Security Robots include sophisticated sensors such as 360˚ camera, thermal camera, two-way audio, analytics and RFID readers. Robots can send alerts to 24-hour manned Command Center on detecting any incidents like trespassing, fire or any other untoward incidents.They can even complement to facility management team for taking care of the movement of the guests visiting the premises. These Robots are aesthetically designed to blend with office interiors. Deployment of Robots can result in multiple benefits to the organisations – Minimal recurring cost; Quicker and efficient patrolling; cost reduction; Reasonable return on investment. VELAN IT is keenly observing this space and innovative technology. Formal announcement on our partnership would be made shortly and please note this would be the first of its kind in India.