Robots in Security

VELAN IT, a well-known corporate in the security industry, has always been looking for innovations which would result in value addition to the clients in addition to cost savings.Very recently we have found that the future of security patrol at large would be ROBOTS. Let us look at the benefits of this.


Robots are capable of patrolling difficult encampments which the normal security guards cannot do as the Robots can easily move around difficult terrain and they have been designed to meet this expectation.Security Robots include sophisticated sensors such as 360˚ camera, thermal camera, two-way audio, analytics and RFID readers. Robots can send alerts to 24-hour manned Command Center on detecting any incidents like trespassing, fire or any other untoward incidents.They can even complement to facility management team for taking care of the movement of the guests visiting the premises. These Robots are aesthetically designed to blend with office interiors. Deployment of Robots can result in multiple benefits to the organisations – Minimal recurring cost; Quicker and efficient patrolling; cost reduction; Reasonable return on investment. VELAN IT is keenly observing this space and innovative technology. Formal announcement on our partnership would be made shortly and please note this would be the first of its kind in India.